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Why Consider a Dental Crown or Bridge?

We understand that having a happy and functional smile has a significant impact on your everyday life — how you interact with others, the foods you eat and your overall well-being. If you’ve been feeling self-conscious of the colour or shape of your teeth, having trouble eating the foods you like, or have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, a dental crown or bridge in Burlington may be a great option.

The dentists at Lakeside Family Dental will help guide you to the best solution for a smile you’re happy with!

In order to know more about dental crown or dental bridges in Burlington, call us today.

What Is a Dental Crown in Burlington?

A dental crown is a cap that completely surrounds a tooth. Dental crown materials include ceramic, porcelain, metal, and resin. They are custom made to your unique needs.

A dentist may recommend a dental crown if:

  • a tooth has had a root canal, as root canal treated teeth become more brittle and are prone to breaking
  • a tooth has a very large filling or is cracked, as crowns help provide added strength and support

What is a Dental Bridge in Burlington?

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, or sometimes multiple teeth. Multiple dental crowns are connected — dental crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space, and they are linked to an artificial tooth that fills the space.

Dental crowns in Burlington are made Onsite at Lakeside Family Dental.

Lakeside Family Dental is equipped with technology to make your dental crowns onsite. The onsite process results in precision made crowns with a faster turn-around time than typical lab made dental crowns, making the process more convenient for you, without compromising on quality. The dentist will expertly guide you to whether or not a crown made onsite is the best option for you.

How Much Does a Dental Crown or Bridge Cost?

Dental crowns and bridges in Burlington are a great investment to help prevent further issues and more costly treatment in the long run. The price of dental crowns and bridges will vary depending on the material used, the number of crowns needed, and other potential factors.

Our team will work with you to find the best solution to meet your goals, needs and budget.

What Happens During a Dental Crown Procedure?

Here’s what to expect:

  • First Visit
    We prepare for the procedure by cleaning and examining your teeth. The dentist will remove the damaged parts to prevent any further decay after crown placement. The next step is shaping the replacement tooth — your crown. Using dental impression material or a 3D scanner, we will make a mold of your teeth, which will be used to make your dental crown. A temporary crown will be placed for you until the permanent crown is ready.
  • Second Visit
    The dentist will remove the temporary crown and install the permanent crown using dental cement or a hidden screw. It is then polished and we make the necessary adjustments so it fits comfortably in your mouth.

Combining 55 years of dental experience, Dr. Cohen, Dr. DeCesare, and the entire Lakeside Family Dental team is here to ensure a convenient, high-quality process from start to finish. Your smile makes us smile!

Call us now at (905) 637-0801 to book an appointment for a free consultation or free second opinion.

What Happens During a Dental Crown Procedure?

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    Michelle sherwoodMichelle sherwood
    14:16 22 Sep 22
    Absolutely amazing! Very highly recommend! Everyone made me feel welcome and always made me feel at ease as I was very anxious and embarrassed. I required Dentures the whole experience was awesome from start to finish. Very highly skilled! I drove one hour to and from each appointment and it was worth it!
    Gary SheaGary Shea
    14:14 26 Jul 22
    The service is excellent by all the staff and Dr Cohen is by far the best dentist that I have ever been to. He is knowledgeable and experienced and ensures that you are comfortable while he is working on your teeth. Many people are concerned with the freezing process when having work done, but Dr. Cohen is so good that you will literally not feel anything. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen.
    David GagnerDavid Gagner
    18:50 15 Jun 22
    There is no joy living with bad teeth. Less joy understanding how expensive help can be. Most centres are more concerned with money, rather than the patient. Lakeside, Dr. Cohen and the team, are amazing. Why? Because they put me first. Are honest with options and realistic treatment. They want the same thing that I have wanted for years, to see me smile again. I believe in their team, their approach and their desire to make a difference for every patient. They have my trust.
    John WrightJohn Wright
    20:10 11 May 22
    Dr Michael did a great job on my first implant. I was so impressed with the high level of personal service that I transferred my account from a dentist where I had a 20+ year relationship. I feel Lakeshore Dental can serve me better as I need more crowns and implants. The office is clean, spacious and as safe as any business can be. I recommend Dr Michael and his excellent and very friendly support team
    Michelle OagMichelle Oag
    14:17 09 May 22
    I was recommended this dental office by a coworker, I've had many dentists before that didn't understand how sensitive my teeth actually are and since my very first appointment here I knew I finally found the one. They are extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you might have. Very professional and clean environment. They bill your insurance directly which is a huge relief, I'm so happy to have a dentist I can trust. They are so gentle, you also don't feel the needles going in! This is the first dental office where I didn't feel ANY pain whatsoever. I cannot say enough good things about them.

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